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Fascinating Bill Clinton Interview
Earlier this week, on a whim I watched the Leher News Hour on PBS, and I saw Jim Leher spend 20 minutes talking to our former president, Bill Clinton. Now, I have a moderate level of respect for our ex-leader; he was a very human person and a very skilled politician, but in this talk I saw two things of interest. First, there was a level of intelligence, analysis, and candor I'd never seen from Clinton before, and second, while I think he came off good, it was also obvious that he's still filtering himself, still planning every statement for the best effect. One part of the interview that was especially revealing was when Leher asked him about the interview that Clinton did with him on the day that the Monica Lewinsky scandal was revealed. Clinton makes a defense of his misleading statements, putting it in the context of a witch hunt and saying that the initial denial of the affair put him in a better position to defend himself later in the process.

Whether you like him or not, this was a really interesting look at the mind of this ex-president, and it's worth looking at as we consider how we want our country led in the future.