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My PDA and Smartphone Collection (Fall 2008 Edition)

While organizing a drawer this morning, I decided to take a picture of most of my collection. If you click through to Flickr, you can read notes on each device.

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No, I got into PDAs with the original PalmPilot, and never really wanted to pick up one of the big MessagePads. I still don't feel a compelling need for one, although I've toyed with the idea of getting an iPod Touch.

Nice collection! I used to have just as many classic PDA's until I purged my stash. I kept a T3, Palm Vx, Palm Pro, and Clie NR70 as examples of the best-of-the-best hardware designs.

I wish I had a Zodiac.

I do still have a very beat up Treo 650 that is my emergency backup to my iPhone.

...I kept wanting to buy one - It always seemed like a great idea, but I could never justify it to myself.

Related: You can now apparently emulate the MessagePad on the 770, so you can have a newton without needing the articulated shoulder harness required to carry it!

I got it new, but cheap, towards the end of its commercial life. It's a neat device, but the lack of backlighting on the screen made it not-so-useful for me, since I tend to use devices in dim light a lot. It also had no network connectivity, and the PC connection software really sucked. I liked playing Infocom text adventures on it, and it was OK for writing essays.

I too have owned many if those devices. Where is the Foleo to complete this great collection?

It might overwhelm the rest of the picture... plus, it officially still falls under Palm's prototype hardware rules, so I'd rather err on not being too public about it.

Nice gear, dude. I'll have to break out my collection and see how well it stacks up against yours.

Next time you get down to New York, let me know and we can compare collections :)

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