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German Internet Video Stars
Our debate watching skills and eagerness to be brief pundits earned Annelies and me a brief moment on a German internet news site, zoomer.de.  We're the first of many Pacific Standard bar patrons to be interviewed.  You can't really hear my voice, so I hope the translation is correct.  Yes, I wish I actually looked at the camera when I talked; it looks like I'm rolling my eyes the entire time when I really was looking at the face of the interviewer.  Annelies did much better with that.

Here's a link to the automatically translated version of the page courtesy of Google, although they don't seem to grab the comments so I can't tell what people are saying about us.

By the way, the bar we were at is called Pacific Standard.  They're about ten blocks down 4th Avenue from our apartment, and so far I find them to be pretty cool.  They've got team pub quizes on Sunday nights, and it looks like we're going to try to make a team with friends up here for their new season.  Any suggestions for team names?  When we went and played one night as a duo, we were SWxNE (Southwest by Northeast), but I don't think that moniker is long for the world.

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Yeah german TV!

Although I've got to hand it to for for being able to watch the debates. Even if there's beer involved. I've gotten to the point where it's as hard for me to watch McCain as it is for me to watch Bush. Or maybe I'm just not drinking enough....

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