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Introducing Velcro and Magnolia

...or at least, that's their names right now until we find other names that stick. On Friday, they were Buttons and Zipper. Velco has a dot on her head, while Maggie has a stripe. They're both very cute, although that doesn't mean that I don't get a little annoyed when they decide to have an epic kitten battle on our bed while we're still under the covers. They've got sharp claws!

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"Velcro [...] names that stick." Ha!

I had an idea over this weekend that it'd be fun to name a pet Ticonderoga after the famous pencil brand. That way, even its poopies are fun: "Ticonderoga Number Twos". Yes, I'm your sister...

Congrats on the munchkins. Just be careful you don't feed them after midnight...

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