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My Name in Light

This sign was made at NYCResistor's Lazzzor class using 1/8" acrylic plastic and a 35W Epilog laser cutter. Annelies and I made the designs using Inkscape, then assembled them from the pieces.

This sign used a "Army" stencil font that I downloaded from the net. I had to make Inkscape convert the letters into shapes to get it to burn right, and even then, I had a problem where the larger letters were cut twice, making some of the narrow parts a bit weak. You can see this with the missing middle piece in the "H" in "THE". I discovered the sunlight effect after I brought it home, a very happy accident.

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Very cool. I was wondering what you'd come up with.

What's next? A pokemon combee?

Missing H-bar or not, it's still pretty cool!

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