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Why Does Bush/Cheney 2004 Think I Want Their Mail?

A couple of weeks ago, I got a curious letter in the mail. It was from the Bush/Cheney campaign, and it included a contribution form along with a "signed" picture of the pair. This was a very unusual piece of mail; as far as I know, I've never indicated a willingness to donate to them, and I doubt they'd want to purchase the Utne Reader or Birkenstock mailing lists.

However, tonight I looked at this again, and I think I figured it out. One of the news stories last week was the revelation that their campaign has been soliciting church directories from conservative churches to try to mobilize their base of the Christian Right. Well, I'm still on the membership roll of Varnell United Methodist, the church my parents attend in North Georgia, and I still get their bulletin every week. My gut feeling is that the VUMC list was one of the ones sent into the their campaign. I'm not going to do a lot of investigation on this, but it sure seems possible.

Anyway, if anyone from their campaign is reading this, please continue to send me letters and pictures. I've got a few collage projects that will benefit from your mailings.
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