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Debugging with CodeWarrior for Palm OS and Palm Desktop 6.22

This is just a note for those who need to figure out why they can't use USB debugging with their Palm Centro smartphone. Apologies to my non-geek friends for this.

The Centro does support USB debugging, but you need to jump through some hoops to get CodeWarrior for Palm OS V9.3 to work with it.

CodeWarrior uses a DLL called USBPort.dll to talk to the device. It tries to be smart and looks in the Palm Desktop folder for this DLL. However, with the new desktop and HotSync manager, the API calls made to find that folder now tell CW to look in your "My Documents/Palm Desktop" directory. To get CW to find the DLL, just copy USBPort.dll from "C:\Windows\System32" to "C:\Documents and Settings\{USERNAME}\My Documents\Palm OS Desktop".

On the Centro, I also had to make sure other programs didn't use the USB port on the device before I got a reliable connection. Pocket Tunes Deluxe has a PC connection mode that you should disable by going into PTunes, going to "Prefs/Copy to PC Prefs..." in the menu, and changing the connect mode to "Off".

Also, the Centro's USB cable may not keep a good connection all of the time. When I tried debugging, I had to hold the cable in place to make sure it stayed tight. Using one of the older Athena connector cables that also had power can help with connection stability.

Reports are that USB debugging for Palm OS devices doesn't work at all with Windows Vista. I've not tried that OS to verify this, but it may just be the Palm Desktop 6.22 issue that I described above.
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