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Teaching an Embedded Web Server Class

BTW, if you're up here in New York and want to learn about making embedded devices that act like web servers, I'm teaching a two hour class on the subject on March 28th at NYC Resistor. After the class, I'll be putting my materials online, but I'm still working on everything right now.

You can get details on the class at http://www.eventbrite.com/event/302042417.

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Re: does it work without ethernet shield?

You can use the ladyada shield with the Wiznet module; in that configuration, it's electrically the same as the Arduino Ethernet shield. However, using the module does increase the vertical height of the board, which means you can't stack another shield on top.

NKCElectronics has a cheaper compatible shield kit for $30 -- check out http://www.nkcelectronics.com/nkc-ethernet-shield-for-arduino-mega--duemilanove--diecimila-diy-kit.html . It's $32, but you do have to solder it up yourself.

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