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Another RGB LED Shield Video
Here's one with a color box pattern that I wrote:

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RGB - Arduino Mega

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about issues I was having tetting the shield working on my Mega. Turns out wiring is the issue, but as long as one follows the instructions for connecting to the Mega provided in the TLC5940 library for the Mega, it works fine. One thing that might be worth checking that threw me for awhile is I think the sheild connector pin you have labeled SOUT is actually SIN? Can't actually be SOUT, but took a bit of research to figure it out. Great fun now that it's running!

Gary Livick

Re: RGB - Arduino Mega

If you're talking about the expansion connector on the side, yeah, they're mislabeled. I didn't detect that until I got the 1.4 board back from Seeed and hadn't submitted a correction. I'll try to get Mega info and that errata onto the http://combee.net/rgbshield page.

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