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Where My Future Wife Works and the GM Fail

Yesterday, GM declared bankruptcy. They did it from the 25th floor of the GM Building. Annelies works about ten floors above that. She was told the avoid the 25th floor on Monday.

This story from the Gothamist has a nice picture of the very tall building. It's the only skyscraper in New York that fills up a whole city block.

I wonder if there's a connection with us getting rid of our cars and GM (and Chrysler) going under? I expect that if we'd stayed in a place where we needed cars, we'd probably not be considering any current GM cars. I'm a guy who bought two cars in my life, both Saturns. They gutted that brand and its promise and they failed to deliver better technology and more efficient vehicles. I hope the best for those affected by the collapse of that manufacturing area, but I think I agree with Robert Reich in Salon: " many ways, what has been bad for GM has been bad for much of America. The answer is not to bail out GM. It is to smooth the way to a new, post-manufacturing economy."

By the way, the GM Building hasn't been owned by General Motors for a while. According to the Wikipedia article, it was sold back in 1998, and currently is owned by real estate funds primarily financed in Kuwait, Qatar, and Dubai. You still get paper badges with a GM logo on them when you visit.
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