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Introducing @palmpretips
On a whim this afternoon, I set up another Twitter account -- this one is @palmpretips. It's a collection of useful tips for the new Palm Pre smartphone, both ones I've discovered and ones sent to me from friends and contacts. So far, it seems to be catching on a little; we're up to about 20 followers in just a few hours. I'll probably try to publicize it on some of the message boards later tonight, but I think we've already got a critical mass of useful items.

To my followers on @unwiredben, this means that you won't have to see a mass of Pre tips show up there anymore; it's back to being all about me and the weird things I notice.

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Yes, I got my Pre on Saturday. So far, I really love it. The web browser works far better than any I'd used before on a mobile device, although it's lacking a couple of key features like saving pictures from web pages. The hardware feels nice, and the media playback is great, especially since you can use them while navigating in other applications. The multitasking is great for email, Twitter, and SMS.

As for AT&T -- it looks like the Pre will show up there in early 2010. Sprint has exclusivity in the US through the end of this year according to reports.

I'd stop by a Sprint store or Radio Shack and try one out... I think many of the nits I have should be fixed in software updates soon.

Thanks, I think I'll hold out and wait. I didn't want to abandon hope and I'm glad to hear a good review!

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