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The Show With No Name #274: Darth Cheney and the Hero of 9/11

Last night's Show With No Name was entertaining, but it also marked the beginning of the end.

The intro was a bit of brilliance from Cassie: "I like hobos, but I can't eat a whole one." Charlie mentioned that he'd put out his back, and was all loopy on Doan's pills. We started off with the trailer for "The Godfather". It had a remarkable visual style of taking lots of still shots from the film and zooming in and out while doing cross fades. It's not too hard to do this now; Macs even come with a screen saver that does this; but for 1972 this was really innovative.

After that was Pee-Wee Herman being interviewed by Letterman on the release of "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure". It's a good clip; Dave comments that if Pee-Wee gets too big, he's going to have to dress that way forever. Cinco got to use his props after this, doing a product demo of Sticky Spit, a spray that makes your spit sticky, which turns out to mainly be useful for making post-it notes. Next was the controversial 2 minute edit of the Cameron Diaz video that's been floating around. We noted that we might be violating a court order here, but in the end, there's not much to be excited about with this. It just wasn't very interesting, and the 30 minute video is really, really boring.

We closed with a reairing of the "Corey Haim: Me, Myself, and I" video, a cult classic, and an interview that Jon Stewart did with Craig Kilborne at the end of Craig's Daily Show run. The outro was Andrew Dice Clay going crazy on CNNfn, which is always good fun. Cinco also got in another sight gag, pulling out the desk calculators to compute the number of erections that we created due to the Diaz clip, versus the numbers lost by showing Corey Haim.

Towards the end of the show, there was a big announcement. We're not going to be renewing our series this fall, so the last Show With No Name will air sometime in September. I think we're all getting a little burnt out on the show with its current format; we still like working together, but we've probably done just about as much as we can do with a live access show. However, at our post-show screening, we came up with a bunch of great ideas for two more live shows, plus some taped material.

So here's one request: if you've not yet voted in the Best of Austin 2004 poll at, please cast a ballot with "The Show With No Name" listed as your choice for best "Locally Produced TV Show" and "Public-Access TV Show". We'd also like to see Charlie Sotelo get best "TV Anchor" and Cinco Barnes make best "Sportscaster", but that's not as realistic. A nod to "Bryan Poyser" in best local filmmaker would also be appreciated; he's the Show's director, and also made the excellent narrative work "Dear Pillow" that played at SXSW in March.
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