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Translation Party Redneck
Check out http://translationparty.com -- they run phrases through Google's translation service from Japanese to English and back until it gets the same text out of it. Depending on what you start with, it can be quite funny. Here's the translations of Jeff Foxworthy's classic punchline:
  1. You might be a redneck.
  2. あなたは偏見を持った可能性があります。
  3. You may be prejudiced.
  4. を害することはできない。
  5. Not to harm.
  6. 害はない。
  7. There is no harm.
  8. 害がないです。
  9. Is no harm.
  10. 何ら問題はない。
  11. There is no any problem.
  12. 何の問題もないです。
  13. I have no problem.
  14. 私は問題を抱えている。
  15. I have a problem.
  16. (then it loops -- we've reached equilibrium)
Other phrases that elicited chuckles from me include "Where would you like to go on our first date?", "Come here and give Grandma some sugar.", and Darth Vader's line "I find your lack of faith disturbing." which ends with "We need to worry".

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(Deleted comment)
My favorite tool was CodeWarrior for Palm OS, but it requires a bit of Palm OS knowledge to get going. For quick and dirty apps, I like NS/Basic Palm which is still being sold by George Henne over at nsbasic.com. It has a reasonable UI builder and acts a lot like classic Visual Basic.

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