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Upcoming Classes at NYC Resistor!
Just a reminder to you all that we've got some great classes coming up at NYC Resistor.

First, this Saturday, Raphael is teaching about the wonders of the Joule Thief!  It's a class about how to pull every bit of current possible out of little batteries. If you want to run something for a long time, check this out.  Details at http://joulethief.eventbrite.com/.

On Sunday, Liz and Ryan are leading an Arduino workshop where you get to solder up a Freeduino kit and then make it do amazing things.  If you want to get your hands dirty, this is the class to take.  There are just a few slots left for this one. http://arduino101.eventbrite.com/

On Sunday, November the 8th, Chris is teaching "CPUs 0b1100101: Intro to computer processors".  We've been talking about it here on the list -- it's all about computer architecture and how those chips that power your computers and devices work. http://cpus.eventbrite.com/

I'm very excited about the Build Your Own Retrocomputer class on November 12th.  Vince Briel is coming in from afar to lead a session where you can build one of his kits, including the Replica 1, a clone of the original Apple I.  It's way cooler than having an iPhone. There also will be a bit of an intro on the Parallax Propeller chip that's used in both the PockeTerm and Replica 1 included.  Details at http://retrocomputer.eventbrite.com/.

Finally, I'm teaching my popular Webduino class again on November 22nd, just before Thanksgiving.  Won't time with your family go even faster when you've got an Arduino acting as a webserver in your home? Come to the class and find out how you can make it happen.  It's online at http://webduino.eventbrite.com/.

These classes are fun, and they help keep NYC Resistor alive and in our great space in downtown Brooklyn.  Come down and learn.