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Upcoming Classes at NYC Resistor!

Just a reminder to you all that we've got some great classes coming up at NYC Resistor.

First, this Saturday, Raphael is teaching about the wonders of the Joule Thief!  It's a class about how to pull every bit of current possible out of little batteries. If you want to run something for a long time, check this out.  Details at

On Sunday, Liz and Ryan are leading an Arduino workshop where you get to solder up a Freeduino kit and then make it do amazing things.  If you want to get your hands dirty, this is the class to take.  There are just a few slots left for this one.

On Sunday, November the 8th, Chris is teaching "CPUs 0b1100101: Intro to computer processors".  We've been talking about it here on the list -- it's all about computer architecture and how those chips that power your computers and devices work.

I'm very excited about the Build Your Own Retrocomputer class on November 12th.  Vince Briel is coming in from afar to lead a session where you can build one of his kits, including the Replica 1, a clone of the original Apple I.  It's way cooler than having an iPhone. There also will be a bit of an intro on the Parallax Propeller chip that's used in both the PockeTerm and Replica 1 included.  Details at

Finally, I'm teaching my popular Webduino class again on November 22nd, just before Thanksgiving.  Won't time with your family go even faster when you've got an Arduino acting as a webserver in your home? Come to the class and find out how you can make it happen.  It's online at

These classes are fun, and they help keep NYC Resistor alive and in our great space in downtown Brooklyn.  Come down and learn.
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