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Delicious Spicy Spaghetti Squash

The first time I had spaghetti squash was as a kid; it was mushy and too sweet and just didn't work for me.

Fortunately, Annelies reintroduced it to my life a couple of years ago, and I attempted my own version last night.  It was really simple and very tasty.  You can make it in about fifteen minutes.
  1. Mince garlic.  Take a few cloves of garlic, chop into little pits, and fry up those bits on medium heat in a skillet in olive oil.  You want little golden crisp pieces, about the same size and crunch as vegan bac'n bits.
  2. Stab the squash.  Take a knife and poke about sixteen slits in the squash.  I did four rows of four.
  3. Microwave the squash on high for four minutes, turn over, go for four minutes again.
  4. open a can of Rotel tomatoes.  You can pick your variety depending on your spice level.  If you don't like spicy, go for diced tomatoes and basil.
  5. Cut the squash in half lengthwise.  Use a fork to scoop out the seeds and throw those away.  Then use the fork to remove the squash flesh.  It will already be stringy, and if you use the fork to scrape out the shell, you'll have plenty of the squash threads.
  6. Put a portion of squash in a bowl, apply black pepper, salt, Rotel, and some of the garlic bits.  Put this back in the microwave for a minute to heat up the sauce.
  7. Enjoy!  You can add some grated cheese too to make it more savory.
I also tried this with some homemade pesto, but I found that creaminess didn't go as well with the slightly sweet squash as the tomato mixture.

Note: using the microwave is key.  It allows the squash to cook nicely inside the shell without getting mushy and gives it a great texture.  I think the time I had it before where I didn't like it was because the squash was cut open and cooked on a stove like noodles.
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