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Ruining the Scary Movie

Earlier, I watched "Scary Movie 3" again. Yes, I am a glutton for punishment. I'd seen this at the theater when it came out, and I was very disappointed in it at the time. I went to see it because I really like spoof films when they are good ("Airplane!", "Top Secret!", "Not Another Teen Movie"). However, this is a kind of movie that can easily go terribly wrong. If you play too serious, you fail. If you pay attention to the the source material, you fail. If you aren't funny, you fail. "Scary Movie 3" fails in almost every way.

So, when I watched this film again, I did it with the commentary track turned on. I was wondering if the director, writers, and producer would reveal why this film missed so badly. No luck! They seemed to think the film worked, although there were a lot of references to scenes or jokes that were cut out and how things played to test audiences. Apparently, they were re-shooting parts of the film just a week before it opened in theaters, and a lot of the scenes were being written while they were shooting. The commentary makes the film come off as a total hack job.

The deleted scenes included with the DVD also make me angry. There's over a half hour of extra footage, and almost all of it is funnier than what was actually used in the film. It sounds like a lot of it was cut out to allow the film to get a PG-13 rating. I can also see some of it not playing well for the teen audience they were targeting. Now, the dropped footage is not hysterical; it has some moments that made me laugh, but it wouldn't have saved the film. According to the commentary, a lot of this was in the film during their early test screenings, but when they were trying to fix the problems with the film, they ended up making the comedy a lot weaker, and they ran out of time to try and fix it again before the release.
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