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Moving On from LG

(originally posted to the enyo-development mailing list)

Hello, Enyo developers.

Friday was my last day with LG Electronics; I've left to pursue a new opportunity with Roku working on new product development here in Austin, TX.

I consider Enyo to be a great product, a result of excellent architecture work by the original developers and a very thoughtful and innovative evolution of features. I'm really proud of what we did in the last year under LG, and I'm looking forward to the Enyo and webOS-powered LG SmartTVs hitting the US market soon.

The good news is that LG is still fielding a great Enyo team with a bunch of great developers that are keeping the work going, including Gray Norton, Kevin Schaaf, Cole Davis, Blake Stephens, Aaron Tam, Jim Tang, and Lex Podgorny, as well as the LG teams from TV Lab in Korea. Look for their input here as part of our public Enyo conversation; I expect great things to come.

I'd also like to recognize all the wonderful input from the community; your pull requests and questions have made Enyo development much more enjoyable, and I'll miss working with you.

I'm still going to follow this email list and check up on things from time to time, but I'm no longer speaking in my role as project lead, just as team member emeritus. My day-to-day work is going to involve firmware development for embedded hardware, so I won't be spending too much time in the web development world.

Thanks, and best wishes to you all!
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