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Veggie Lunch Places, North Austin, June 2015

More for my reference than anything, I wanted to post a list of the places I go on occasion for lunch now that I'm working at Roku in the Arboretum area of Austin.

East Asian

  • Fire Bowl Cafe at Arbor

  • Hai Ky Cafe on Spicewood is the former location of Triumph Cafe and has pretty good kung pao tofu and tofu bun (vermicelli)

  • Coco's Cafe on 183 has tasty soup and tofu dishes and bubble tea


  • Masala Wok at Arbor Walk (Mopac) has really yummy soup and pretty good Indo-Chinese dishes

  • Tarka on Anderson has good palak paneer


  • Conan's Pizza on Anderson - go on Tuesday for "Don't Choke Art" or Thursday for Mushroom & Spinach on the buffet

  • Doubledave's Pizza on Mesa - just opened in May, usually has veggie pizza and spinach stromboli on the buffet

  • Mangia on Mesa - stuffed spinach pizza


  • Jersey Mike's on 183 is a common lunch destination for my co-workers, I like the cold veggie sub with lots of peppers and light mayo

  • Texadelphia at Arbor has grilled veggie "cheesesteaks" with waffle fries and yummy mustard sauce, plus my card gives me a free meal at birthday time

  • Big Daddy's at Burnet & 183 has pretty good veggie burgers and fries, including the Chris Chronic with ghost pepper aoili

  • Which Wich on Anderson lets you custom build sandwiches with lots of veggie options

  • Jimmy John's at Braker has an OK veggie sandwich, and they very frequently deliver to the office

  • Black Star Co-op has a great grilled cheese and fries, get it with the fresh jalepenos


  • Bullritos at Arbor is passable burritos and nachos, but mainly included because it's close

  • Dos Batos on Anderson has a tasty torta with wood-grilled veggies and very nice bread

  • Chuy's at 183 & Duval usually has outdoor spots and a great veggie combo


  • Zoe's Kitchen at Arbor has hummus plates and Greek salads

  • Newk's Eatery at Arbor has pizzas and salads with huge glasses of tea and lots of free peppers

  • Trader Joe's at Arbor has good stuff in the cold case to bring back to the office

  • North by Northwest has good pizzas and sandwiches

  • Salata at Arbor Walk has build-along salad bowls


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