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November indiebox received: Freedom Planet

I was happy to see a green box waiting for me at home today, my first indiebox, the game Freedom Planet. From watching the subscriber video, it looks like they've moved to a new format. The box has a "Challenge" flap in it holding info on an in-game challenge to compete for a special trophy.

Unlike previous boxes, the Steam code is now on a sticker at the bottom of the outer box, leaving the shrink-wrapped game box undisturbed.

In the Freedom Planet box, I found some nice trinkets. First was a leather pouch embossed with the FP logo and labeled "Kingdom Stone". Inside was a heavy polished metal sphere. Having not yet played the game, I'm unsure of the significance.

There was also a shiny coin featuring the character Mayor Zao on one side and a +5 on the other, encased in a plastic holder.

The final big feelie is a vinyl trifold wallet with velcro enclosure featuring ID holder and several zippers. I might actually use it, as I'm a fan of non-leather wallets.

The game was on their standard USB "cartridge". I didn't see any weirdness on this drive, just the game files. I only saw files for Windows there, but the instruction manual mentions Mac OS X and Linux files.

The game soundtrack was supplied on three CDs! Unfortunately, the plastic case for my CDs was cracked at the hinge, but it didn't look like the CDs had any scratches.

Printed material included issue thirteen of the indiebox newsletter, a 24-page full color instruction manual, a Freedom Planet sticker, and an indiebox sticker.

All in all, a pretty nice box. No game controller this time, but the items seemed good and the game looks to be quite fun. My only concern is the soundtrack CDs needed some better method of protection when shipped loose with a heavy metal ball.
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