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Barbie Gone Wild
Metafilter keyed me into the existence of the new Catwoman Barbie, a doll that doesn't really seem to be aimed at young girls as much as older, dominatrix girls and the people that obey them. If anyone gets one of these, it just seems appropriate to pair it up with "Earring Magic" Ken for a night of clubbing downtown.

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Oh, this is priceless! Think of all the little girls who will be forever changed by playing with CatBarbie! Reminds me of my childhood, when my mother gave me the Barbie Arabian Nights set (Ken in a gold turban!!), and I set up a harem where everyone had S-E-X. (Not that I knew what it was--I'd just shove Barbie and Ken in a tent and say, "You have SEX now.") What could I/would I have done with THIS doll?

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