The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

The Show With No Name #275: Poppin' Fresh D'oh

This was a show that sounded good at the meeting, but ended up puttering away at the end.

The intro was a rehash on the standard Lance Armstrong one-ball joke that we've used for the last two years. At least it won't be used next year. Charlie started the show apologizing about being all hopped up on back pills last week, making Cinco curious about the pills effects. After a miscue on the tape deck, we finally showed the trailer, George Romero's "The Crazies", and when we returned, Cinco had a big bottle of red pills delivered to him, and started to chomp away at them, taking way too many pills, and eventually chugging them Cookie Monster style.

Next was the clip of Letterman trying to deliver a fruit basket to GE, a funny bit that probably inspired Michael Moore to do his stunts in "Roger and Me". We came back to find Cinco all drenched in sweat and talking really, really funny. Charlie suggested taking these blue pills, which magically erased his sweat and started making him all hyper. We played a great clip of the Beastie Boys from when they were 19 playing on a New York public access show along with their friend Kate (later to be part of Luscious Jackson).

On returning, the whole pill-popping stuff just never came back, and we started ragging on callers that were requesting their favorite clips before the series ended. Cinco had a nice rant about "The Show With No Name: The Next Generation", and how it would be set in a future where rock-n-roll was outlawed and people had to fight to party, but then we killed any momentum by going into a 24-minute long ESPN Sportscenter outtakes clip, which was funny, but just goes on-and-on-and-on.

At least the show ended on a high note with the outro, a clip called Big Bill Hell that's an auto dealer commercial FROM HELL!

The next live show is August 8th; we shot some intros for another taped show that will air sometime before then and feature some great long clips. After that, we probably will try to do a couple more live shows in September, including the big season finale show.
Tags: television, the show with no name
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