The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

TMBG, Columbus, OH, 2004-07-02

I've been listening to the audience recording of the July 2nd, 2004 They Might Be Giants show from Columbus, Ohio in my car the last couple of days, and I've really been enjoying the concert. You can get your own copy of this using BitTorrent from This show is one of the best live recordings of the band I've heard, although I've only been collecting them for a couple of months. While the sound is a little flat, there's no distortion, and all the on-stage antics really play well, including TMBG stables like Spin the Dial where the band plays along with songs on the radio. They even give a shout out to the guy taping the show in the audience, although they didn't make any "dead Phish" jokes like they did at the Austin show.

TMBG has also started selling their own recordings of shows at These are recordings made by the band and encoded as high-bitrate MP3s, and they come with a PDF copy of the set list used for the show. At $10 each, it's a nice way to help support the group, although I'd like to see a few more reviews of how they sound before paying for the download.
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