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Words Fall Apart

Wow... MetaFilter once again points to a great site: WordCount has a statistical ranking of over 86,000 words in the English language, and you can view them in order, jump to a particular rank, or search for your favorite word. It's look at adjacent items to form band names or book titles. Out at #10,860, you've got the grouping "Repaired Bean Accessories", which I think might make a fine short story about an organic jewelery maker. #21999 gives you "Impromptu Sweaters", which sounds like a girl-punk band from Olympia, Washington. At #6078 is the ominous pairing of "Flames Overhead", while at rank #14103 is the alliterative "trumpet tiled tame", a high school jazz trio from Osh Kosh. Out at #4125 is the cultish "Breeding Temple Plot", followed by the human message of "Errors Desirable" at #4142. Finally, there's the "Big" sequel at rank #2213, "Grew Tall Rapidly".
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