The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
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Conventional Thought

Well, I had my DNC gathering tonight -- all three of us! But it was fun... I got to play a lot of the best parts of the speeches from the week to a couple of friends, we scanned through today's footage looking for funny delegates, and we suffered through Kerry's very long speech. It was good oration, but about as passionate as a high school drama teacher. It did talk about a few specifics of their plans, and that was good to hear.

From the last couple of days, I can say I was impressed by the passion behind Reverend Al Sharpton's address. The media made the story into how he went "off-message" and went long, but the real story was how he presented a case for why the black community is loyal to the Democratic party. I really liked his "ride the donkey" line. I caught John Glenn's five minutes, a short talk in defense of space exploration that was well argued. Dennis Kucinich gave the most bizarre performance with a speech that was more poetry slam than persuasive oration. He needed a few more words to make sense, and it sounded like he was trying ton convince himself to support Kerry, rather than excite the crowd. The Kerry daughters had some good moments; I liked Alexandra's hamster story, but we all found it weird when Vanessa started her talk by professing knowledge of her father's six feet four inch frame.

So, now I have to wait a month, and then I'll be watching the Republican version, although not as enthusiastically.
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