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Surprise Windscreen Visitor
I returned home after lunch and a visit to Costco, and as I was pulling into my garage, I found myself with a surprise. The door was rising, and I happened to pass under it just as a little lizard fell off the door, landing in the middle of my windscreen. It was stunned for a moment, then scurried over to the side. I quickly pulled out my cameraphone and snapped a blurry picture of the reptilian friend, then tapped on the window to get him to scurry off.

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Off the topic, but Ben I'm going to be in Austin next week for ArmadilloCon. Can we get together? If possible, I'd really like to get two copies of the Discovery show with my father on it.

Sure... I should be around all weekend. I didn't realize that ArmadilloCon was here already. Mail me directly, and I'll send you my cell/home numbers.

(Deleted comment)
Will do. Or I'll get your contact info via Astra.

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