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"Bug Cafe" is the New "Button Men"

So, the open secret in my life is that I like playing "play-by-email-games". I'm not into any other form of online gaming, but the whole casual gaming experience of making a few moves a day in a mind-to-mind battle appeals to me. A few months ago, I wrote about my addiction to Button Men Online, the game where you fight dice-based characters against each other in a very complex and rule-laden variant of Nim. I still love that game, but I'm only keeping five or six active games going there right now. My new love is Bug Cafe, an online game that's almost exactly like Scrabble but with a different name. I just finished my first game (the winning word was 'guv'), and now I'm looking for more friends to compete against. If you're interested, you can sign up and start a two-player game against "Unwired_Ben" using my standard email address (see user info). The interface is pretty nice for a web game, but it has a very powerful dictionary interface, including anagram solvers that let you try to find words that will fit with a given set of letters. Most players are limited to 15 moves a day, but if you donate, they'll remove the cap on turns.
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