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Ben Becomes a Sedately Social Animal For a Day

From the time I woke up today to now, I've been bouncing from social scene to social scene, something very odd for Mr. Ben. I started out with a 1PM gathering at Casa de Luz -- I slept a bit too late, and then I got a note from my sister about her trip to Glasgow, Scotland, and then I finally got on the road about 1:15! It was fun; this is a macrobiotic restaurant stuck between Zach Scott Theater and Chuy's, with a really nice patio and lots of plants. The food was all very fresh and cleverly prepared, but it didn't appeal to me too much, mainly due to the lack of spice. I met up with my friend sheenaqotj and a bunch of her friends, and we talked about the O'Henry pun-off, binary code on t-shirts, and They Might Be Giants.

After that, I had a voice mail from another set of friends to come see "Spiderman 2" with them, so I caught up with them at the Alamo and saw the film again. I really liked it the first time, but on a second viewing, some of the cheesiness of the dialog really came through. The action sequences were still very nicely edited together, and I had a good time, but I don't think I'll sit through the whole thing again when the DVD comes out.

So, after that I get home, spent an hour doing online things, and then head out to Sheena's dinner party; her SO Ryan is cooking vegetarian "stuff", which turns out to be this really yummy rice/mushroom/nuts/tomato/chipotle sauce mixture, on a bed of dinosaur kale, served with a nice green salad. Dessert was sorbet with fresh strawberries. fresh blueberries, and whipped cream. The guests were about half people I met at lunch, half new people; we played a card game called Quiddler that was Scrabble meets Rummy, and then we had a wild set of conversations, covering everything from relationships to Austin landmarks to the blandness of Dallas to the proper methodology for body shots. Some people had a bit more to drink than others; I enjoyed watching those people; I eventually left just before midnight, which meant that I missed my friend Glenn's party, but I was having fun.
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