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The Show With No Name #276: This Is News?

Tonight's show continued our march toward oblivion on TSWNN. I brought along a guest to the studio who faithfully sat behind me in the control room shivering from the air conditioning overload. The topic of the night was a Fox 7 news report on two girls who were begging for money on road median in bikinis; Cinco made up stripper names for them, and a caller theorized that the police were there because the girls weren't in the beggar's guild. This got expanded into a theory that most of the beggars were actually hotties inside, if you scrape away the skin and the crazy!

Besides that, we had the trailer for "Bad Girls Go to Hell", the 1965 Doris Wishman exploitation film. Other clips included the hard-to-pronounce CCR lip-syncing their song "Bad Moon Rising" on the old Johnny Cash show; a WWII cartoon called "The Ducktators" with its unflattering representations of the German, Italian, and Japanese people; Hunter S. Thompson shooting machine guns with Conan O'Brien; and one of Richard Pryor's best gigs from the Ed Sullivan show.

As I occasionally do, I brought a guest to the show. To quote her blog entry from earlier tonight:
Then I got to be in the behind-the-scenes room of The Show With No Name and it was fun, but I shouldn't have touched any of the keyboards but I did because it was about time for my next "dumbass thing you wouldn't have done if you thought about it first for even half a second" stunt but they didn't kick me out and I even got a shirt, which I'm not sure I was supposed to get but by the time anyone noticed except B., who gave it to me, I was already holding it.

She's cute when she's self-deprecating, but I think the late night antics led to a full stop deficit.
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