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Death of a Filmmaker

I was just reading the Q&A on the Sleater-Kinney website and I found out that indie filmmaker Sarah Jacobsen died earlier this year. I never directly knew her, but back around year three of the Show With No Name, she gave us a trailer for her Super 8 film "Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore", and we showed it to promote its run at the Dobie. I went down on the last night of the run to catch the film, and it was pretty well done for a no-budget feature. Unfortunately, just as the last reel was starting, the projector malfunctioned, the film got caught, and it melted right in front of our eyes. As far as I know, that was her only print; she was driving around the country screening it a theater at a time, and she probably had to get a new one made from the original after that mishap. According to IMDB, Sarah died of uterine cancer in February; that's a really sad way to go. IndieWire has more details on her life and death.
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