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Best Music News This Year!

OK, this probably is much more significant for me than any of the readers, but I'm elated! I just went to check out the latest indie music news at Pitchfork Media, and I see that Pylon is reuniting and will be putting out new material in 2005! Here's the story:

Cherished jangle-pop band Pylon, a staple of the Athens music scene throughout the 80s, have reformed. According to an announcement on The Day Jobs, an Athens community blog site, the band performed a "surprise" reunion gig last week, and due to the overwhelmingly positive response, are expected to be hitting the stage again soon. Luckily (but probably not coincidentally), this reunion coincides with the reissue of some old, out-of-print Pylon material in the form of a two-disc set featuring live material, rarities, and various other goodies, due out in early 2005.

Pylon is one of those groups that I encountered in high school; I had a friend on one of the local BBSs that had similar musical tastes, and he suggested that I pick up an album. I got their 1990 release "Chain" on cassette and I fell in love. They sounded like active and industrial, and they used words more for their sounds than their lyrical effect. Musically, they seemed to be the missing link between The B-52's and R.E.M., completing the story of Athens' band incubation. I ended up getting their compilation "Hits" a few months later, but that's all the Pylon I ever had.

I ended up naming one of my online journal things after a lyric from their song "Sloganistic", calling it "My Very Excited Mother Just Sat Upon Needles and Pins", or "MVEMJSUNP" for short. I remember the ah-ha moment that came when I realized that the line was actually a mnemonic device for remembering the order of the planets in our solar system. I even got a second cassette copy of "Chain" back in 1997; I was on a long business trip to Florida, I had a rental car with a cassette deck, and I saw it for in a cutout bin, and even though I already had a copy, it wasn't there with me.
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