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Une Nouvelle Chaise, Mes Amis!
Sunday, I was driving by Eurway, Austin's European furniture boutique, and I noticed a "clearance sale" banner, so I had to stop in. I've been looking for a recliner to go downstairs in the living room for a few months, but I'd not really been happy with what I'd seen. I have a few requirements for a chair:

  1. No animal-derived materials (no leather or wool)
  2. It swivels
  3. It reclines
  4. It looks modern
  5. It is durable
  6. I can sit cross-legged in it
  7. The price is reasonable

I'd looked at lots of different places, from the Laz-E-Boy gallery to Ethan Allen to Scandinavia, but I'd not seen anything I really liked. While wandering around the store, looking for the closeout deals, I spotted this chair, and while it wasn't immediately love, it was definitely immediate strong-like. I sat in it, found that it supported 360 degree rotation, had a nice recline, and the fabric felt pretty good. Then I checked the price, and due to the clearance (it was the last one), it was well within the price parameters I'd set. So I bought it!

It reminds me of 1960's furniture. Several people have compared it to Kirk's command chair on the original Star Trek series; all I need are some buttons and a yeoman with a clipboard. It sits well for working with the laptop. It's a bit incongruous next to my futon couch right now, but I'm of the mind that the couch is going to be replaced or reworked sometime in the next few months, so I can live with that for now.

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No leather I understand, and perhaps it's naive of me, but why no wool?

The "no wool" criterion wasn't a vegetarian thing. I've just got a slight allergy to wool, or at least I did when I was a kid, so I didn't want anything that could make me break out.

Ah well ok see, that makes so much more sense! The point of the chair is to be comfortable, not itchy. Got it =)

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