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Asylum Street Spankers Rock the Texas Union

Saturday night, I went to the Asylum Street Spankers 10th Anniversary Re-unification show. It was held in the spacious Texas Union Theater on the UT campus, and they sold out both shows, the 7PM and 10PM. I had a ticket for the later show, so I got there about 9:20PM, and the line to get in was already down the hall from the theater entrance to the Wendy's in the Union. The 7PM show went long. People finally filed out of the theater around 10PM, and they started performing around 10:45.

The structure of the show reminded me of the Talking Heads' "Stop Making Sense" film; they started with the current members of the group on stage, and then they introduced old members one, two, or three at a time. The songs were pulled from the whole history of the group, and featured lots of ones I'd not heard live since the mid 90's. Everyone played really well, and the whole thing was huge fun. They went on for a very long time, with the show ending about 2:30 in the morning! I ended up getting a shirt, their latest CD which I'd not yet picked up, and the DVD "Sideshow Fez" made from a 2003 Portland, Oregon show.

They had a really nice set for the show, a city scape of tall buildings, with signs from most of the places they've played regularly in Austin in the background, including Flipnotics, Electric Lounge, Saxon Pub, The Outhouse, Cactus Cafe, La Zona Rosa, and The Continental Club. A sign for Antone's was missing, which surprised me a bit. The Spankers site says that they'll be putting out a DVD of this show; I'd highly recommend it, especially for fans of the original lineup.

Here's a picture they took of the whole crew -- what a talented and funny collection of musicians! I'd really like to see someone do a diagram of the group showing the cloud of other bands that have shared members with them over the years. It wouldn't be anywhere as complicated as, although considering the number of Austin bands that have existed, I can't be certain of that.

I was recording the set list and band member intros on my Treo as the show progressed:

set 1

mike henry intro
opener / my three sons
guy forsyth enters
judgment day
zen master bathroom story
stanley smith enters
since I met you
asylum street blues
pops and mysterious john enter
oliver enters
lullaby of the leaves
kevin smith, jimmy dean, col. Josh enter
jerry the junker
lee harvey (last time ever)
jango porter enters
ain't nobody's business
korey and mike henry enter
just to ease my mind
paul schlichting enters
dueling harmonicas (guy and wammo)
christina marrs, hottest chick, reenters
mojo working
adam booker enters

slideshow intermission

set 2

corey and john in stereo intro
my favorite record (featuring they call the wind mariah and cocksuckers' ball)
man from mars (??? didn't recognize song)
worth-las joke
deep ellum blues
sugar in my bowl
wake and bake (with Mysterious John)
a smooth one
eamon mclaughlin enters (surprise guest)
top of the world
starting' to hate country
funny cigarette
u.f.o. attack
if you want me to love you
tight like that


i'll be glad when you're dead (improv)
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