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Mr. Sinus vs. Dirty Dancing

I finally got to see the Mr. Sinus Theater version of "Dirty Dancing" tonight, and I'm glad that Johnny and Baby have reentered my life after a decade and a half of indifference.

It helps that there's so much highlight in the film. Jennifer Grey never topped her performance in this film, and Patrick Swayze went on a serious decline after "Ghost". Jennifer's nose was a big topic, as was all the "dirty" dancing (or was it "clean" sex?) The skit was an all-humping homage to "The Shining", complete with dance number, blow-up doll, and Owen doing his best Baby impersonation. Don't forget the stoic performance of Jerry "Law and Order" Orbach.

There are a few things to learn from this. First, never go see Mr. Sinus during the first month of them doing a film. With rare exceptions, they are much better at making fun of a film after they've done it for a while, and they don't rely as much on the same kind of humor through the show. Second, movies with songs work well, especially when they can sing their own lyrics on top of the original ones. Third, nobody puts Baby in a corner!

This show restored my faith in the group. I hear their next film is going to be the fourth film (or is it the first?) of some series that's pretty popular with the kids. They're only one weekend worth of shows, as it seems likely to be something that will get them cease-and-desist letters.
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