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Ben Gets Polled

So far, I've been on the questioned end of polls twice in this election cycle. One was an automated poll done back in early August; they just recorded responses, with a computer reading the questions, and it was over in about thirty seconds. Last night's phone call was much different; it was a poll for the local Texas House race between Republican Jack Stick and Democrat Mark Strama.

I'm thinking this was a poll from Strama's camp based on the later questions, but it could have been either side. The guy asking the questions was nice, but his voice was about to give out. The early questions were set to get a feel for the political leanings of the answerer. There was a question on the presidential race, and a few questions about the importance of local issues, and then the question about the Stick/Strama race. They also asked for my favorable/unfavorable feelings towards, Tom Delay, and President Bush. Then it got interesting; the questions moved into a series of biographies and statements about each candidate. After each one, I was able to respond if this made me feel favorable or unfavorable towards the person. After each group, I again was asked for whom I was going to vote. It felt like they were trying on different messages to use in their campaign ads; not a bad tactic. Some of the ideas previewed included attacking Stick over connections with Tom Delay and questionable fund raising, while the smear lines they tried on Strama were mostly variants on "he's a liberal!". Oooh, a liberal in Austin; get 'em! In all, this took about twenty minutes. They even asked if I had any questions at the end of the call.

Not too bad of an experience. Hopefully, my answers will help the Dems improve their marketing. I admit, I'm not the closest follower of local and state politics; it's easier to get piles of information about national business, so that's the fire hose from which I drink. However, now that I've been pulled into the race, I'm going to pay closer attention to what's going on between Stick and Strama, and I hope my vote will play a role in the outcome of the election.
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