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Slam I Am

Last night, I was at the Austin Poetry Slam's 10th anniversary party. I'd not been to a slam event for a few years; the last one I remember was one of their shows at Electric Lounge, probably in 1998 during one of the times when my sister came into town for a few days. I saw a lot of faces I recognized, some that I'd just heard about, and many that were new. The event went well; they integrated a video projector, showing photos and web pages into the festivity, and they had both current slammers and past team members up to present pieces. On multiple occasions, the audience got to shout into Mike Henry's cell phone as we attempted to get in touch with missing poets.

During one of the breaks, I started to improvise my own slam poem, much to the life-threatening laughter of my evening companion. I didn't get to finish it then, so I decided to polish it off this afternoon. Here goes something.

Two Minutes

2 minutes
in slam time
is 120 seconds
two one minute chunks
one after the other
fifteen seconds
              eight times
It's two hundred
and forty
half seconds
all sequential
Two minutes
is the time it takes to
do something,
do something
that takes two

two minutes lasts for
  three minutes or
  five minutes or
  four minutes

two minutes runs
from then
to a moment ago
to a sec from now
to right now


By the way, I do have another line saved up for use in some other work, an allusion to a famous American musical work: "I am tired, hear me snore; my rumble's too big to ignore." See previous post for my inspiration.
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