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Ben Finishes John Edwards' Sentences
Watching Nightline from my hotel room in Sunnyvale, Ted Koppel is interviewing John Edwards about the RNC. Koppel asks about the president's comments on terrorism.

Edwards:         I just can't get inside the President's head.
Me (as Edwards): The openings are just too small, but I hear it's roomy once you're in there.

BTW, has anyone seen a poster or t-shirt that has "George WTF Bush" written on it? When I heard that the Department of Homeland Security revoked the visa of a major Islamic scholar and peace activist that was going to teach a course at Notre Dame, that's what came to mind.

Oh, and to my friends in Atlanta, this story on former mayor Bill Campbell being indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of corruption is worth noting.

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Hahaha! Are you still going to be out of town this Thursday? I'm thinking about having a few friends over to watch Dubya's speech. I don't think I can stand it alone.

Yeah, I'll still be here in Cali until Saturday, but thanks for the invite. With the time difference, I'll probably be safely able to ignore most of the RNC. Which reminds me - got to set an alarm on my Treo so I know when to go outside and scream!

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