The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

Happy for So Many Things

Back from California, and I'm happy for many things:

  • My sister returned safely from her summer in Italy, and people sent me great pictures of her welcoming party.

  • I got a lot of slides and presentation material ready for my talks in Munich at the end of the month (but there's much more to do!).

  • I talked to a lot of people about the future of PalmSource, and there seem to be a lot of positive efforts there to figure out the best way to serve our customers.

  • I got to try Malaysian green curry and Korean veggie bowls in Milpitas, and found both to be yummy, although not quite as spicy as I would have liked.

  • Being on Pacific daylight time meant that I missed most of the live coverage of the RNC.

  • I finally ordered business cards, now complete with my new title "Technical Lead, Developer Services".

  • For some odd reason, my friends keep letting me win our online Scrabble games approximately half of the time.

  • I got a very positive review from my management at work. They think that I'm exceeding expectations, which means my plan to set the bar as low as possible is working.

  • The closing of LAX due to a flashlight explosion didn't cause any delay for my flight from SJC to be delayed.

  • I continued my ever-so-gradual weight-loss trend, despite having a really, really big meal at Dishdash and not-that-much exercise.

  • I arrived back in Austin in time to join lizardprincess's big birthday celebration which continues tonight and on through the rest of the holiday weekend.

  • No one had spoiled the ending for "The Village" for me before I had a chance to see it.

  • I get to go to the Austin Game Conference at the end of this week and try to convince a bunch of game programmers that writing for Palm OS is a surefire way to fame and fortune!

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