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Inside the Haunted Pantry, you encounter an undead elbow macaroni of unusual size. It rubs its hands together and prepares to assault you like a peanut.
It gets the jump on you.
It tries to pastaslap you in the throat, but misses.

If that text intrigues you, go check out the online game The Kingdom of Loathing. It's a very low-tech online role-playing game, featuring bad puns, stick figures, and weird puzzles. Strangely, I find this game a lot more fun that the last online RPG I played, Star Wars Galaxies. I think it is due it being easy to play in the background while I'm handling other tasks, like reading web sites or handling email. It also doesn't force you to spent a lot of time just waiting to recover; you have a limited number of turns per day, and once you play those out, you're done until the nightly reset. Your turns accumulate, so even if you only play every three or four days, you don't fall behind. There are clans and ways to chat with other people, but playing solo doesn't seem to be a problem.

The game is very tongue-in-cheek. I'm playing a "pastamancer", a kind of wizard of cooking that's able to cast spells like "Manicotti Meditation" and "Minor Ray of Something". I've got a 13-pound mosquito named Suckcessor that follows me around, draining hit points from opponents and healing me in the process. Among the quests my character has completed so far, were helping the Pretentious Artist find his stuff and helping to defend the Gourd. I've fought a killer bee named Belushi, and I've been made into a roux by a knob goblin master chef.
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