The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

A Music Critic That's Slightly Mistaken

While out walking tonight and listening to live Sleater-Kinney tracks, I remembered a review I'd read of their excellent album "One Beat", and how the critic completely misinterpreted one of their songs. I just used Google to refresh my memory, and here is the review.

The problem I have with the review is its interpretation of the opening song, "One Beat". To quote the reviewer:

Or the fiery, syncopated "One Beat", whose integrationist title betrays its tales of dissolution and desperation ("Your word for me is fusion / But is real change an illusion"). A stop-start strum feast, "One Beat" features Sleater-Kinney at their musical and lyrical best; Brownstein and Tucker's vocal trade-offs are matched in intensity only by their impressive six-string interplay.

The description of the music is dead-on, but the writer doesn't seem to realize that the group is really singing about nuclear fusion, the exothermic reaction that occurs when atomic particles join together under great pressure. This is the reaction that powers the Sun and eventually may be the basis of our economy. He totally missed that the song is a prayer to science, asking it to get us out of the oil-driven mess that the world is in. The song explores the structural problems around changing our energy generation system, and also aims to enthrall the imagination with the possibilities it could provide.
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