The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

Firefox 1.0 Preview Keeps It Going On

Gotta love technology -- positive things I've noticed since installing the new Firefox 1.0 preview release this morning

  • Live Bookmarks are pretty neat. They are bookmark folders that are based on a RSS feed, with all the bookmarks being items from the feed.

  • Pages that properly provide links to their RSS feeds using a <LINK> element have a "RSS" icon in the status bar of the browser window, letting you add a Live Bookmark for the site easily.

  • When you're on a secure site, not only do you get the lock icon, but the location bar turns yellow and you see a lock icon there as well.

  • The vertical height for your links toolbar is reduced slightly, making it take up less space.

The new Thunderbird 0.8 mail and news client also looks like a nice update. They now support a unified Inbox for all of your POP3 accounts, if you desire, and there's RSS support here as well; you setup a RSS account, and then can add feeds like they were mail folders. You can set the refresh interval, but they don't support customizing that on a per-feed basis. Depending on the nature of the feed, the preview window will either just show the feed text with a link to the associated page, or it will fetch the actual web page corresponding to the item.
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