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The Show With No Name #279: Penultimate Cheeseburger

Tonight was the next-to-last Show With No Name, and it also was my last show. Next weekend, I'll be in Munich, Germany, preparing for the big PalmSource developer conference, so I'm missing the final installment. The show wasn't that notable, outside of a very funny clip of David Lee Roth drunk in front of a stadium concert audience. I did like the opener: "The Emmy for poontang goes to yo' mama." which was a riff that Charlie did off my "Swift Boat Veterans for Poontang" idea. Late in the show, Charlie spent a couple of minutes thanking me for my contributions to the show. I responded by pushing the CGs on and off the screen a few times; it was a sweet moment. I really appreciated that a couple of my friends, lizardprincess and tangoglenn, came by to see the last program. It was good to have fans in the room with me.

This chapter of my life is now over. I still plan on hanging out with the SWNN people; they've been good friends over the last nine years. We'll probably do occasional projects together; there's talk of another SWNN Live at the Alamo program in December. Still, the regular Sunday night sessions at the studio are gone. My weekends are free again.
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