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Anxious About Munich

In about 36 hours, I'll be leaving Austin's airport, headed to Dallas, then London, then a bus ride around London, and finally Munich, Germany. tells me I'll be landing about 12:30PM on Sunday. I should be able to make the hotel about 1:30, taking the U-Bahn from the airport to central Munich, and I get to relax a little. I'm currently planning on staying up most of Friday night to make sure I'm tired enough to sleep most of the way across the Atlantic, but even that's probably not enough to overcome jet lag.

I do have one en route adventure already scheduled. I mistakenly setup my flights so that on the way over, I land at Gatwick, but depart for Munich from Heathrow. I've got three and a half hours to connect between airports, which should be plenty of time to clear customs, find the Speedlink bus service, spend a hour in weekend traffic navigating around London, and check in at the other airport. However, I've not done this transfer before, so I'm a little anxious.

This is my second visit to Munich. I was there last fall for the same event, the PalmSource European Developer Conference. I had less to do last fall; I was there representing Metrowerks and was able to hang out most of the time, watch presentations, visit the lab, and be generally helpful. This year, I'm there as a PalmSource employee, I'm giving two of the talks, helping with the labs and registration, and obligated by peer pressure to attend the Oktoberfest tents. I'll have free coupons for beer and chicken, which doesn't do a non-drinking vegetarian much good. I'm seriously thinking about trying a little lager while there, but my experience with beer in the past has been one of repulsion as soon as I smell the alcohol, so we'll see what occurs.

I'm planning on taking as many pictures as possible while on the trip. We're supposed to have Wi-Fi at the hotel during the conference, but I don't know if the account will be active on Sunday and Monday. I'm hoping it will be working in time for me to call into the final Show With No Name. I've got a Skype account now; it's a voice chat system that supports instant text messaging, online status, and calling out to the public phone network. I tested it with a half hour call the other night, and it worked pretty well. Letting me call to the states for about 2 cents a minute is pretty attractive too. They've got Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Pocket PC clients; I hope they're working on something for Palm OS, as I'd love to be able to use this on my Treo 600 to make cheap international calls.
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