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1970's Sexist Audio
Thanks to Dave Winer's Scripting News, I found this link to the Accordion Guy's blog today. Mr. Accordion has posted a few found recordings from an album called "Picking Up Girls Made Easy". This is some amazingly sexist stuff; in my opinion, it could be called "How to Deceive Women Into Liking You in Three Easy Lessons". You've got to laugh at the audaciousness of it, though.

A couple of choice quotes:
"So what are you doing listening to this record, when you could be scoring like Frank at your local department store?"
"The beach is a great place to pick up girls, as you can really tell what you're getting."

Ahh, what a shame I missed that era of blatant manipulation, and instead grew up as a sensitive, considerate, honest person. Still, I suspect that the techniques here may actually be working for some people, and that makes me sad.

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thanks for the blood pressure raising material:P

"After all, that's what she's there for!"

Yeah, laughing and crying will do that to you. :)

Sure, that might be working for some, but look at the kind of people it works on. ;)

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