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The Show With No Name #261: Adventures in the Third Dimension

The Show With No Name's experimental streak continued tonight with show #261, "Adventures in the Third Dimension". The show had two main points; the Mars mission, and 3D effects. The clips had little to do with the theme and were mostly B-grade material, but our host segments really shined. The centerpiece was Cinco using the show remote to transform Charlie into red/blue 3D imagery. This actually worked out better than expected. Leslie made great props, including a red Mars rock, the 3D switch, and the red/blue glasses with an American flag and the SWNN logo. We did the studio shots of Charlie using two access cameras with gels placed in front of the lens, and Bryan and I designed a scheme where we would cross-fade between the two cameras, but we could still switch to the non-3D CincoCam. The highlight of the sequence was Charlie reaching into the 3D field and grabbing popcorn that Cinco had in his lap, although I'm partial to the 3D strangulation of a caller who read her "poetry" on the air.

I really like where we are headed with the show right now. The comedy is working pretty well, and we've got a lot of ideas for new shows, especially with the expansion of us into new markets. I think we understand our own format well enough now that we've been freed up to see how to play with it, and that's keeping the show fun for the whole crew.

By the way, several crew members are going to be busy next week out in Park City at the Slamdance film festival. Our director, lead cameraman, and production designer are all going to be there supporting their film, "Dear Pillow". The film will also be playing South by Southwest in March; I saw a early crew and friends screening, and I thought it was really well done, so I'm hoping the screenings out there in Utah will go very well.
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