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Notes from LGW to LHR
(I wrote this earlier on my Treo 600 while on the bus... I'm in Munich now in my hotel room, and I just beamed this over to the laptop for posting using IR.)

The drive from Gatwick to Heathrow was 17GBP, fairly effortless, and serenely beautiful. We were on the M25 by 6:45, bound on a 70 minute trip to London's main airport. I spotted a Delta 767 lazily floating to a landing on Gatwick's sole runway as we departed. The drive started through woods and pastors, with a light fog misting up the landscape, and the hues of sunrise visible to the east. Little eurocars passed the coach as we lumbered along.

7:22 now. We keep passing ASDA lorries heading in the other direction. The markings are identical to the Walmart trucks in the US, with the "always low prices" slogan. The color scheme is lime green rather then blue, but its obvious who owns ASDA.

They got signs along this stretch of motorway with 40 in a circle, the local speed limit, and an accordion-style camera, indicating that speeders will be caught using photography. How odd to use such an archaic representation..

7:31. We are at Heathrow and the rate of construction here is breathtaking. At least ten cranes at work on a new hangar and new terminal space. 747s, 777s, Airbuses all are in view.

9:30. About to board my flight to Munich. Heathrow has an interesting waiting area strategy. Rather than deploy a lot of seating at each gate, as is often done at American airports, they have a central shopping/food court with many tax-free shops. Then, they use a network of large screens to direct people to their gates about 30 minutes before take off. It works pretty well, and it seems to support a nice array of upscale shops.

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I almost was detained at Gatwick. They were convinced I was suspicious. Their security was harsh.

Have a great trip! Travelling is one of the great experiences of our modern world:)

So far, no odd security, although I was surprised that I had to go through two different checkpoints at Heathrow; one to get into the departure lounge, and another to get into the cluster of gates for my flight to Munich.

The trip is something I've been anticipating for a while, and I'm glad I have a forum in which to share my experiences abroad with my friends while they're happening.

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