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European Bathroom Technology

Something I noticed on my trip last year, but didn't write about anywhere, was the vast superiority of European business hotel bathrooms over those in the states.

  1. Separate water knobs for the bath and the shower, allowing then to be run independently.
  2. Inline water heater that uses water kettle technology to heat the water just before its used. This keeps the water at a constant temperature, avoids the wasted energy of heating water for everyone's shower at once, and is just plain neat.
  3. Adjustable shower head that can actually be configured to be taller than I am. I hate having to crouch in the shower just to shampoo my head.
  4. high walled tubs that are less likely to have water spill over into the bathroom floor.

While I can fault the Hilton for lots of things, including charging much too much for low-grade wireless Internet access, the bathroom design is excellent.

I'm now off to the big "get everyone together to figure out how we're putting on this conference" meeting.
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