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Chinese Turn?

I had a good walk around Leopoldstrausse, the street past the English Garden that has all the shops and restaurants. I had three goals: get fresh batteries for my digital camera, take pictures of the giant statue, and get lunch. I ended up in a Woolworths, which was fun mainly to see the kinds of consumer goods sold over here. I finally found a four-pack of alkaline AA's for about three Euros, and I was able to checkout without using any English :) "Allo", "Danke", and educated guessing can go a long way.

Now that my camera worked again, I walked down to the statue. Several other people were taking pictures, and I got a cute one of a little boy imitating the pose while standing under the statue. I'll get those uploaded, but I need to find someone here with a CF adapter so I can read my camera's memory card.

Lunch took a bit of a chance. There was a Chinese restaurant called "WOK-MAN's" that I'd passed by last night, and I noticed a menu item called "WOK-MAN's vegetarische Spezialitaten" which looked like a vegetarian special, so I went in. I didn't get that; instead they had a yummy looking nudlesuppe that also was marked as vegetarian for 4 EUR, so I got that, loaded up with chili paste, and had the best meal I've had so far on this trip. If I read the takeaway menu correctly, they're open until midnight everyday, so it's likely I'll return before the trip is over, maybe Wednesday night after returning from Oktoberfest.

BTW, the title of this post comes from a part of the Englischer Garten called the Chinesischer Turm, literally a Chinese Pagoda with an adjacent biergarten. I'm finding German to be a lot more difficult to handle than French; I've remembered a lot of words that I figured out last year, but there are lots of terms that I can't quite figure out from context. I've fairly sure that the "krabbenchips" from the WOK-MAN's menu are shrimp chips, but "Fruhlingsrollen" doesn't seem familiar at all.
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