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Funny Food Accident
I'm not going to name people, but earlier today I was at the downtown Alamo Drafthouse for the Uppity Women Film Festival, and early during the first film, I'd slipped off with a friend to pick up food and drinks from the bar, since there was limited service for the event. When we returned, I sat in my seat, one of the seats placed at a gap in the tables. My friend, being the nice human being she is, was willing to share her chips and salsa, so she proceeded to place them in front of me. Unfortunately, gaps don't support weight very well, and as soon as she let go of the basket, it proceeded to fall vertically, turn over, and spill all over my sandals and socks. She apologized profusely, helped me get cleaned up, and even bought me lunch afterward, and in the end, no harm was done that a washcloth couldn't fix, and I got a story for my blog out of it.

The festival had a bunch of good films. The opening film was "Blue Vinyl", a documentary that screened at SXSW 2004 about the dangers of PVC production, and I really liked the depth and pacing of the work. I skipped the second film for lunch, but caught the last two: "Discovering Dominga", the story of a woman whose family was massacred in Guatemala in 1982 and her journeys back to her home country to learn about the events as an adult, and "Nasci Mulher Negra", a film about Brazil's first black female senator. The Guatemalan story was really sad; I started crying a few times in the film, both when Denese, the woman, met her surviving relatives, and when she witnessed the exhumation of one of the mass graves.

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Phooey...I was thinking about seeing this, and completely forgot that it was today. *sigh* Oh well...I suppose I'll have to catch the next cool thing they do. *grin*

The turnout was OK for a Sunday afternoon, maybe about 50, but there was plenty of room for additional people. I do hope they do another event; there are plenty of good documentaries about women out there to use for programming, and the cause for which they raised money, Morningstar Rising, seems like a good organization that's helping mentor middle-school girls.

LOL! I did that very same thing to satyric the last time we were at the Alamo.

Sounds like a great film fest--sorry I missed it!

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