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Blogging From CHA
I'm sitting here at the American Eagle gate at Chattanooga airport, the start of my trip back to Austin after a week in Georgia. The trip was a lot of fun; I got to connect with a bunch of my family and friends, including my sister Cyndi, Vernard, Mike, John, Gail, David, Ina, Star, Jessi, and Steve. I got to meet a few new people (this means you, zorathenne) I saw experimental improv theater. I celebrated a birthday. I got a jar of homemade pickles that I'll open at Christmas when they're ready. I played with a lot of cats. I even did some work, which feels surprising to me.

Now, back to Austin, by way of Chicago. People are boarding the aircraft now, so I need to shutdown. More reflections soon.

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Oops... it was my sister's 25th birthday; I had my 30th birthday back at the beginning of June, celebrating with spicy Indian food.

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